The OZ Pool

Harvest Oz Lagoon Starlight

The Oz pool  is a ‘left side’ design with entry steps on the left side of the shallow end of the pool.

The seating area is located on the left side at the deep end of the pool to optimise swimming space.

A safety foot ledge is also included with the Oz.

The Oz swimming pool is offered in 9.2, 8.2 and 7.2 metre lengths.

Pool kit prices include:

  • Pool shell in standard colour
  • Pump
  • Filter (choice of sand or cartridge)
  • Chlorinator
  • Solar provisions
  • Start-up kit


havest-oz 9.2

Oz 9.2m    

Pool Kit prices start from:  $14,722

havest oz 8.2

Oz 8.2m    

Pool Kit prices start from:  $14,064

havest oz 7.2

Oz 7.2m   

Pool Kit prices start from:  $13,721

Kits prices current as at March 2015.

Please see the colours page for upgraded colour options.

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