HARVEST Pool ColoursĀ 

With 15 colours and 3 colour ranges to choose from, Harvest Pools offer Standard, Cultured and Starlight finishes to suit any lifestyle or space.

* Colours may vary from screen sample &are intended as a guide for selection only.

Colour range may change without notice.


SAPPHIRE1.jpg - large LAGOON1.jpg - large DAINTREE1.jpg - large SAND1.png - large
Sapphire Lagoon Daintree Sand


BERMUDA1.jpg - large MID-BLUE1.jpg - large CORAL-BLUE1.jpg - large AQUA-JADE1.jpg - large
Bermuda Mid Blue Coral Blue Aqua Jade
IVORY-SAND1.jpg - large GreyGraniteNEW.jpg - large
Ivory Sand Grey Granite


SAPPHIRE21.jpg - large LAGOON21.jpg - large BLUE-GREY1.jpg - large DAINTREE21.png - large
Sapphire Lagoon Blue Grey Daintree

PEBBLE1.jpg - large